TB Andel (João Frazão)

TB Andel (João Frazão)


 TB Andel ou João Frazão assume-se como o primeiro artista que levou a música tradicional portuguesa para o Second Life, sendo acolhido com grande satisfação e reconhecido por toda a comunidade internacional, e com grande orgulho por toda a comunidade portuguesa do Second Life.


Você pode ouvir os concerto directamente do seu computador, sem ter de entrar no Second Life.  Para isso, você utilizará o seu player de mídia digital e fará com que ele abra a URL https://rock.neostreams.info:12796

Os mais conhecidos são Windows Media Player, Winamp e Real One Player.

Para ouvir a através destes players de mídia digital.

  • Windows Media Player: Arquivo > Abrir URL.
  • Winamp: File > Play URL.
  • Real Player: Arquivo > Abrir...

Para ouvir ao vivo no Second Life e interagir com o artista, clique aqui. Se não estiver registado no Second Life, vai ser necessário registar-se. Não se preocupe, é gratuito. 

About the artist, written on his site...

TB Andel's biography 

His style of World Music is based on Portuguese Folk Music with a original touch of jazz, fado and afro music. 

Played with a hand crafted Electric Ukulele bringing great clearity with the love of music he brings to all listening. 

TB is a experienced and professional musician playing around the world for the last 24 years with his original music and also keeping Portuguese Tradition alive!! 

TB Andels music is a different and wonderful sound from anything you have ever heard and TB is looking forward to sharing his love with everyone in SecondLife!! 

Many people in Sl have enjoyed TB’s wonderful gift at several different places. Check his Calendar here: 

Find out more great information at: 

Please listen to TB Andel’s original songs at: 

Check my electric ukulele here: 

Sir Thomas Beecham 
"Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with 
difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory."



Live recording of "Feto e Afecto"