Bruno Santos aka Orangelife Holmer

 Bruno Santos aka Orangelife Holmer

 Bruno Santos aka Orangelife Holmer na inauguração da Exposição World Press Cartoon


Acerca do The Sorrow

From The Sorrow (Bruno Santos Band) in Myspace

Bruno Santos is the founder of 'The Sorrow'. His moody acoustic rock is enthralling and full of deep, soulful melodies and passionate lyrics. He has been composing since he was a teenager, teaming his original songs with a skillful hand on the guitar and a truly unique voice.

Cecily McMahon is a classically trained musician who has performed throughout the world to a variety of audiences. She plays a number of instruments, including violin, viola, guitar, piano, drums and she also sings. Her debut instrumental album was released in 2007.

Santos and McMahon met virtually, and though so far apart, realized that they share a common passion. Santos' low, melodious voice, combined with McMahon's angelic vocal and instrumental musings bring a whole new genre to music that is almost indefinable. 

We would like to thank everybody who is supported us, your presence and love has meant so much and we'd like to make particular reference to Moni Keller, Nuno Couto, Rita Patricio, Jorge Lucas, Sarah Bisignano and C.J Barnard. 


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