Terra dos Sonhos / Land of Dreams in Second Life

19-06-2009 16:50


The VCCA (Virtual Cultural Community Association) is preparing its entry into Second Life®, and relies on the help of all friends and all Second Life® communities, not only portuguese, to collaborate in this project.

 Check here the islands that are supporting this campaign. Log in in Second Life to help.

"The Land of the Dreams is a not for profit organization of wish granting in Portugal, founded in June 1, 2007, International Children’s Day, by a group of 33 founding members.

Formally, the Land of the Dreams Association (LDA) is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, whose main objective is to fulfill the dreams of children and adolescents diagnosed with chronic diseases and/or in terminal phase.

We believe in the inspiring and transforming power of small unique moments, as a way of improving the quality of life of children, family and friends who live closely with these realities. 

On Land of the Dreams we believe the fulfillment of these sick children dreams helps them to overcome the painfull processes they live in. We believe that impossible is a word created by our mind in order to limit our spirit's actions. We believe in People and in Life.


We believe that all dreams are feasible.

We believe in the transforming power of dreams.

We believe that one child's smile is worth every effort."


This is the basic information about the Land of the Dreams Association. For more details, please visit the official website at https://www.terradossonhos.org.

 Note: All events are scheduled according to GMT / Lisbon Time Zone. Check details for SL time zone (PDT)