Reis e Aldo Brizzi

23-03-2009 13:02


O duo irá actuar - hoje, dia 28 Fev pelas 23h (3 SL) na ilha Alma

Não percam.


Song “Scrittura”

vocals Reis 

music and electronics Aldo Brizzi

From the artists:

““Loving Glance” concert tour in Brazil on March, September, November; Chile and Bolivia on October; : in Europe on June, July, December 2007, Mexico on March 2008; Europe May 2008; USA and Mexico in October 2008.

Electronic music produced by Aldo Brizzi with live vocals expanded beyond melancholy female voice by Reis. 

It developes into a wide range of electronic and electronic-influenced music and combines elements of trip hop, IDM, and classical into brazilian blends such as bossa nova. Tempo varies from quite downtempo to very fast in breakcore-derived and drum’n bass styles. 

Melodies and harmonies create a rich and tense sound that emphasizes the erotic, mystic and poetic themes of the lyrics and their realities, stranger than dreams. 

Reis live presence is etheral and hypnotic. She sings lyrics in English, Portugues, Italian, French, with the charme of her typical Brazilian voice. 


Reis is a singer from Bahia, Brazil. Main female role to the pop opera Rei Brasil, in celebration of Brazilian 500th anniversary, with an audience of 6,000 people on each performance. In 2002 Reis recital “Brizzi do Brasil”, two months at Teatro XVIII, in Salvador, featuring Caetano Veloso, Arnaldo Antunes, Virginia Rodrigues, Margareth Menezes and Zeca Baleiro, among others as special guests. Tours in Italy, France, Germany, UK, Chile, Bolivia and Egypt (Cairo Opera House).

Special guest in in 2004 Manuel Paulo’s album (EMI), togheter with Arnaldo Antunes and Arto Lindsay. In 2005  release of Reis debut album “Aço do Açúcar” composed and produced by Aldo Brizzi. In 2005 world première of “Mambo Mistico” musical produced by Theatre de Chaillot – Paris, 55 performances with Reis as main character.


Aldo Brizzi is a composer and producer born in Italy and living in Brazil. Prizes Trofeu Caymmi - Brazil 2004 (the cd “Brizzi do Brazil” as best recording of the year 2003), Les Souffleur – Paris 2005 (the musical “Mambo Mistico” as “best music for theatre 2004-05”). In December 2002 releases the CD: “Brizzi do Brasil” (Eldorado Brasil/Sony). Featuring Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Teresa Salgueiro, Tom Zé, Carlinhos Brown, Arnaldo Antunes and Olodum. The track “Mistério de Afrodite” was selected from the A. Hepburn Foundation for the Unicef compilation 2005.

In 2006 Madredeus vocalist Teresa Salgueiro releases the album “Obrigado” (platinum disc in Europe) with two tracks composed and produced by Aldo Brizzi (EMI).