Fado live from Alfama (Lisbon) to Second Life

09-07-2009 22:39


For the first time , the traditionnal world of Fado will be broadcasted life to second life, it's an event related to the Land of Dream Organisation (Terra dos Sonhos) with the support of CCV (Comunidade Cultural Virtual).


It's a first time worldwide Fado as life event in Second Life, the show will be broadcasted live from Alfama Fado's club in Lisbon Portugal.

This event features 4 Fado musicians and 3 supporting musicians:
Fado musicians:
Cuca Roseta
Miguel Capucho
lina Rodrigues
Rodrigo Félix

Supporting musicians:
Mário Pacheco - Portuguese guitar
Carlos Manuel Proença - Fado's acustic guitar
Paulo Paz - Upright bass

This event is schedulle for

Saturday 11th July at 22H / 2PM SL


You can join us in this slurl :


 its the teleport to Beta's island.

Hope to see you all saturday.